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Santorini One Day Trip (by SEAJETS Highspeed boat, Ex Rethymnon port)

Santorini One Day Trip (by SEAJETS Highspeed boat, Ex Rethymnon port)

from: 155.00


Explore Santorini from Rethymnon with our exciting Day Trips! Operating every Tuesday & Saturday, our tours offer pick-ups / drop-offs from/to various Rethymnon areas (starting Bali, Panormo, and Adele through Rethymnon city). Experience convenience with our inclusive package featuring hotel pick-up & return, High-Speed boat tickets, and Santorini tour. Join us on Tuesdays & Saturdays, and choose from English, French, or German as your tour language. Book now for an unforgettable journey to Santorini from Rethymnon direct!


Tour info

1 Day
Tour Type:
Sea Excursion
Group size:
~50 pax

Accompanied service

Escorts Transport Insurance


Boarding at the port (dep.08:00): At the port of departure, participants will present their voucher (given by at the SEAJETS kiosk in order to receive their ferry tickets, a card referring to the right bus number in Santorini and a small brochure in their own language with information about the island and the day tour.

Arrival in Santorini (approx.10:20): The trip to Santorini lasts almost 2.5 hours from Rethymnon. At the port of Santorini, staff (dressed in a SEAJETS uniform and holding signs with the bus numbers) will welcome the participants and escort them in the right buses.

First Stop: Oia: Then, the buses will leave for Oia. In the days of high traffic, the buses will follow a route by the sea on the east side of the island. Depending on the existing traffic in Oia and the timetable of the tour, the participants will stay for approximately 1½ hour. Later on, the bus will depart for the next stop, Fira.

Second Stop: Fira: On the way to the town of Fira, the participants will receive interesting information by their escort about the history and the geography of the island, while travelling through a large part of the island by road. At their arrival in Fira, they will spend 1 hour to enjoy the Cycladic view from the Caldera, the paved little alleys and the old traditional houses accompanied by their escort.

Optional: Visit the Volcano of Santorini (extra charge). The participants will enjoy the unique beauty of the volcano and have the opportunity to swim in its hot springs (bookable & payable at the boat's reception).

Departure from Santorini (approx.17:00): The trip to Rethymnon lasts almost 2.5 hours from Santorini.

Arrival in Rethymnon (approx.19:20): Finally, the participants will return to the vessel where they will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Aegean and Cretan Sea in the open decks of the vessel.

Important notice!
The excursion’s schedule timings are subject to traffic and weather conditions. There are likely to be slight changes that are unpredictable from, which is NOT responsible for them.

Please note that the timings provided above are estimates and may vary depending on various factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and any unforeseen circumstances. It is always recommended to check with the local tour operator or escort for any updates or changes to the itinerary.

Special offer


Santorini day trip from Rethymnon (by SEAJETS Highspeed boat, Rethymnon areas, Ex Rethymnon port)

Disclaimer: Not all the parts shown in this video are scheduled to be visited on this excursion)


Visit the unique island of Santorini with the Volcano, the breathtaking views, and swim in its crystal clear waters.

Pick-up's from:
Bali, Panormo, Skaleta, Stavromenos, Sfakaki, Pigianos Kampos, Adelianos Kampos, Platanias (Rethymnon), Missiria, Perivolia (Rethymnon), Rethymnon centre, Rethymnon port, Gerani, Georgioupolis. [Check the pick-up table list below to find out which is the most convenient pick-up point & time, near your hotel]

Departing Port:

Operating Days:
Every Tuesday & Saturday

English, French, German: All days
(We need a minimum participation of 10 people in order to operate the tour in each language. In case, there are any changes or cancellations we will let you know by 5 pm the day before)

Tour includes:
✔ Air-conditioned transportation with pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel or a nearby location
✔ Professional Driver
✔ The assistance of a tour escort throughout the tour
✔ Boat tickets (High-Speed boat)
✔ Local taxes are included in the tour package to avoid any additional charges
✔ Liability insurance coverage to ensure your safety and security during the tour

Extra Fees (not included in the price)
Extras payable on the spot: Optional volcano excursion (bookable & payable at the boat's reception), Meals & Drinks (optional)
Extras payable on our website: Upgrade to Platinum* Seat class on the boat  [Spacious, comfortable, on less crowded deck] (optional)

* Platinum seats
The participants have the option of travelling in the luxurious Platinum Lounge with a limited number of seats. Additional charge: 60€ / person  (the additional price applies the same for both adults and children. The infants are free)

Tour highlights:
Boat trip, Sightseeing in Oia, Fira

North of Crete

11,5 hours approximately (from/to Rethymnon port)

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), and of course Fava, the town of Fira, Oia and naturally its very own active volcano. Wine lovers will find the island also fascinating, having 13 official wineries. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perissa, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, the white beach, and red beach.

Age Definition:
Adults: Over 10 years old  (Full fare)
Children: 3-10 years old  (50% discount)
Infants: 0-2 years old  (Free of charge)

Booking Guiding Lines:

Your Tour Language: Please check in the description which tour languages are available per day, and make sure your desired language is available on your chosen date
Your Pick-up Point: Please check the list with all available pick-up points (and hours) from your area, on the table below

For the ones without transfer, meeting us at the boat, kindly note that you have to be at the port at least 1 hour prior to the departure.

This excursion includes in its price: Your round-trip transfer from your hotel to the port of Rethymnon, the cost of the cruise, and all land arrangements on the island of Santorini. The Adult Fare is applied to passengers of any age above 10 years old. The Child Fare applies to children between 3 and 10 years old (50% discount + extra's if chosen) and the Infant Fare to any child under 3 years old (Free of Charge // No seat reserved).

Just to help you see which pick-up suits you best, here's a table of hotel accommodations and their nearest pick-ups:

Santorini Day Trip from Rethymnon

(Boat departs from Rethymnon port)

(Note: The drop-off location will be the same as your pick-up point)

BALI Athina Aparthotel, Bali bch, Bali Star, Gregory Studios, Ormos Atalia htl, Sofia Mythos, Troulis Bali church 5.30
Lisa Marie, Xidas Garden Lisa Marie 5.30
Atali, Manos Palace, Nostos, Petrino Horio, Talea, Nirrides Atali 5.30
Bali mare, Filion, Gorgona Bali mare 5.30
PANORMO Captain House, Iliana, Kasteli, Kirki, Panormo Beach, Panormo school b/s (bus stop in Panormo-school bus stop) 5.45
Club Marine Plc Club Marine Plc (main road-tennis) 5.45
Creta Marine, Creta Mare, Creta Panorama Creta  Marine National Road 5.55
Royal blue Royal Blue (in front of htl) 5.55
Europa, Stella bch Europa (in front of htl) 5.55
SKALETA Rethymno Mare/Royal, Scaleta, Beggeti Bay Scaleta b/s 6.05
Babis, Gortyna, Creta Star/ Royal, Oassis Creta star b/s 6.05
STAVROMENOS Alkionis, Blue Dreams, Ekavi, Thalassi, Petrino Stavromenos b/s 6.10
Rimondi Grand Hatzikonstantinou Kava b/s 6.10
SFAKAKI Danaos, Dedalos,Rathamanthys, Krini, Golden Sand Taverna Dimitris 6.10
PIGIANOS KAMPOS Alkion, Amnissos, El Greco, White Palace (EX El Greco) Imperial El Greco main road 6.15
Iliana Iliana 6.15
Dias Htl, Maravel Dias 6.20
ADELIANOS KAMPOS Rethymno Palace Rethymno Palace 6.20
Joan Beach, Sea Front, Maravel Land Maravel land 6.20
Adele Mare/Caramel, Rethymno Residence, Sea Side Adele Mare/Caramel 6.25
Rithymna, The Syntopia, Golden Sun, Rethymno Sunset (EX Golden Sun), Villa Filia Rithymna 6.25
Eva bay Eva Bay 6.25
Adele bch Adele beach 6.25
Galeana Mare, Christina Apts, Jannis, Rina Galeana Mare 6.25
Golden Beach, Palladion, Kathrin Beach Golden beach 6.30
PLATANES or PLATANIAS (Rethymnon) Edem Beach Edem 6.30
Rethymno Village, Akti Hara, Marinos, Galeana, Leoniki Galeana 6.35
Bella Casita Pavlakis s/m-platanias 6.35
Axos, Kleoniki Htl, Nefeli, Motakis Village, Trefon Nefeli 6.35
Minos Mare/ Royal, Creta Residence,  La Stella, Apollo, Stella B.P. Platanias 6.40
MISSIRIA May Htl, Mantenia Htl May Hotel 6.40
Creta Palace Creta Palace (main street) 6.40
Odissia, Anna Apts, Dimitrios Village, Ilian Beach, Odyssia Beach Missiria School 6.40
PERIVOLIA Dimitrios, Pearl Beach, Rethymno Bay, Aristea, Iperion Pearl Bch (when depart from Heralion port, pickup is Irini Bar) 6.45
Plaza Spa Apts  Plaza Spa (when depart from Heralion port, pickup is Irini Bar) 6.45
Marylin, Ikones, Daizy, Olympia, Summer Dream,Golden Coast Ikones 6.45
Ammos, Atlantis, Zantina, Batis Atlantis 6.45
RETHYMNO CITY Minos, Ibiscos, Mel’mar Minos 6.45
Theartemis, Atrium, Bella Mare, Lefkonikos, Medusa, Melrose, Swell Boutique, Kleoniki Mare Theartemis 6.45
Porto Rethymno, Kriti, Bio Porto Rethymno 6.45
Lefkoniko Sands Htl Lefkoniko Sand 6.45
Petradi, Delfini, Philoxenia Petradi 6.50
Macaris, Archipelagos Macaris 6.50
Antika Di Mora, Casa Vitae-Narcisos, Vecchio, Palazio Rimondi, Ideon, Fortezza Ideon 6.55
Brascos, Joan Palace Antonakis B.S./Zoo entrance 7.00
Olympic Palladium, Liberty Olympic Palladium 7.00

Anna's House, Corrissia, Eko Htl, Fereniki, Georgioupolis Beach, River House, Mare Boutique Georgioupolis  Coffee Shop Grigoris 6.15
Pilot, Mare Monde Pilot b/s 6.20
Anemos Resort Anemos Resort 6.20
Georgioupolis Resort&Aqua Park / Residence (ex.Krespen) Georgioupolis Resort&Aqua Park 6.20
Asimenia, Delfina, Elyros, Happy Days, Kournas Village, Mythos Plc, Orfeas Resort, Sandy Beach, Silver Beach, Vantaris plc /bch, Vardis Olive Garden, Villa Yannis, Apollo Kavros b/s 6.25
Kavros Bch , Kavros Garden, Geia sou Kriti B.P. Romanias 6.25
Alexandros, Marie Bch Marie Beach b/s 6.30
Hydramis, Ermioni, Poledas Apts. Pepper Hydramis b/s 6.30
GERANI Kamari Garden Kamari/Gerani Bridge 6.40
RETHYMNON / ATSIPOPOULO Pantheon Atsipopoulos b/s 6.45

LET US HELP! Please don't hesitate to contact us, in order to help you out choose the best pick-up that suits you best!


Santorini Day trips from Chania, Santorini day trip from Rethymnon"Elite Jet" of Seajets Sea Lines is a luxury passenger-vehicle catamaran boat, reaching speeds up to 36 knots, operating the Crete - Santorini route during the summertime season.
Technical characteristics:
► Type of vessel:  Highspeed Passenger Catamaran
► Year of build:  1996
► Country of build:  Australia
► Length:  81 m.
► Width:  26 m.
► Speed:  36 knots
► Passengers:  1,000
► Vehicles:  140

DISCLAIMER-NOTE: Depending on the time of the season, the sealine decides which boat will be making the trip.


1. Customers who for any reason fail to participate in our excursions are obliged to inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refund will be given. Cancelling at least 24 hours prior to departure, 100% full refund!
2. reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour, due to adverse weather conditions or, insufficient passenger number or, force majeure.

► We do return money in case of bad weather (when the excursion is canceled by the organizer tour operator).
► IMPORTANT: You need to be at least 10 minutes prior to your pick-up time at your pick-up point or 1 hour if meeting at the boat.


For further information or bookings please call at telephone No. (+30) 2810341560

Need HELP?   Check if we are online & chat with us!

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Santorini Day Trips from Crete | Book online now!

Santorini Day Trips from Crete | Book online now!

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