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Knossos Palace – Lasithi Plateau

Knossos Palace – Lasithi Plateau

from: 48.00


Following the Minoan footsteps, visit Zeus Cave (Diktaion Andron), then Knossos Palace Archaeological site, in between a short stop in Vidiani monastery and the Olive oil Mill farm! The excursion operates every Tuesday, with pick-ups: East of Heraklion (starting Malia, Stalis through Hersonissos, Gouves, Heraklion) and West Heraklion (Amoudara, Lygaria, Agia Pelagia). Our excursion includes: Pick-up service at or near your hotel & return, Knossos Palace & Zeus Cave guided tours. Available Tour Languages are: English, French, German, and Russian.


Tour info

1 Day
Tour Type:
Culture Tour
Group size:
~50 pax

Accompanied service

Guides Transport Insurance


Morning Pick up: We will start collecting participants from pick-up points in the morning. Depending on the place of your hotel/apartment the bus drive will differ.

Bus Drive from the last pick up: 50 minutes

1st stop: Psychro Cave (Cave of Zeus) - 1 hour 40 minutes: Explore the mythical birth place of the king of gods Zeus. Admire the unique site decorated with impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Bus Drive: 10 minutes

2nd stop: Vidiani Monastery – 25 minutes: A small, male monastery located at the foot of Louloudaki Mountain will be our next stop.

Bus Drive: 15 minutes

3rd stop: Village of Krasi – 20 minutes: This little traditional village with the beautiful freshwater springs and the oldest and biggest tree on Crete, will be our first stop for about 20 minutes. Enjoy our time in Cretan nature!

Bus Drive: 25 minutes

4th stop: Olive Mill Farm – 2hours: Guided tour and lunch (not included in the price) in a very interesting Olive Farm with unique view to the mountains and the Agean Sea.

Bus Drive: 60 minutes

5th stop: Knossos Palace – 1 hour: Leaving the beautiful region of Lasithi behind, our day will end at the Historical Site of Knossos. There will be a guided tour for about 1hour as well as some free time to take photos of this unique archaeological scenery.

End of the tour – Return to resorts: Embarkation in the buses and drive back to the hotels where we gathered participants in the morning. Depending on traffic and on the pick-up places of each one, the time of journey back to the hotel will differ.

Bus Drive from Knossos: 1 hour approx.

Special offer


Knossos Palace - Lasithi Plateau - Zeus Cave (Diktaion Andron) - Olive Mill Farm  

This tour offers travelers the opportunity to explore notable destinations on the Plateau of Lassithi, including the historic Cave of Zeus, the Monastery of Vidiani, and the traditional village of Krasi. Additionally, participants will be led through an Olive Mill Farm to witness the production of olive soap, olive oil, honey, and more. A memorable meal, featuring locally sourced ingredients, will be available for participants to enjoy at their own expense amidst the captivating ambience of the Olive Mill Farm, boasting fragrant mountain vistas and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The day concludes with a guided tour of the globally renowned Archaeological Site of Knossos, the ancient capital of the Minoan civilization, marking its significance as Europe's first civilization.

Pick-up's from:
Sissi, Malia, Stalis, Hersonissos (port), Koutouloufari, Piskopiano, Anissaras, Analipsis, Gouves, Gournes, Kokkini Hani, Amnissos, Karteros, Heraklion (port), Amoudara (Gazi, Heraklion), Lygaria, Agia Pelagia. [Check the pick-up table list below to find out which is the most convenient pick-up point & time, near your hotel]

Operating Days:
Every Tuesday

English, French, German, Russian: All days

Tour includes:
✔ Air-conditioned transportation with pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel or a nearby location
✔ Professional Driver
✔ The assistance of a tour escort throughout the tour
✔ Ceramic Workshop visit
✔ Local taxes are included in the tour package to avoid any additional charges
✔ Liability insurance coverage by ALLIANZ to ensure your safety and security during the tour

Extra Fees (not included in the price)
Extras payable on the spot: Entrance to Knossos Site: 15€, Entrance to Zeus cave: 6€, Lunch at the Olive Oil Farm (optional)

Tour highlights:
• Get the most out of Lasithi Region
• Visit the Village of Krasi with its water springs and home of the biggest tree in Crete and enjoy time in nature
• Visit the Historical Monastery of Vidiani
• Explore the birthplace of Zeus at the Dikteon Cave
• Visit the traditional olive oil mill farm
• Discover the Minoan Palace of Knossos and learn more about the most famous archaeological site in Crete

Essentials to have with you:
• Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen
• Comfortable shoes
• Water

Central Crete

8-10 hours approximately - 140 Km


Experience the essence of Crete's history, culture, and natural beauty on our exclusive excursion through the Plateau of Lassithi. Delve into the mythical realm at the Cave of Zeus, where ancient legends come to life amidst stunning stalactite formations.

Next, find tranquility at the Vidiani Monastery, nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Louloudaki Mountain. Discover the timeless charm of the Village of Krasi, where freshwater springs and ancient trees beckon exploration.

Indulge your senses at an Olive Mill Farm, where the age-old traditions of olive cultivation unfold before your eyes. Savor a delicious meal crafted from local ingredients while soaking in panoramic views of the rugged mountains and the azure Aegean Sea.

The journey culminates at the legendary Knossos Palace, offering a glimpse into the sophisticated civilization of ancient Minoans. Wander through its storied corridors and majestic chambers, guided by the echoes of a bygone era.

Throughout the day, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cretan heritage, from myth and legend to the timeless traditions of olive farming and gastronomy. With each stop, discover the unique allure of Crete, leaving you with lasting memories of a truly unforgettable experience.

Age Definition:
Adults: Over 12 years old  (Full fare)
Children: 4-12 years old  (50% discount)
Infants: 0-3 years old  (Free of charge)

Booking Guiding Lines:
Your Tour Language: Please check in the description which tour languages are available per day, and make sure your desired language is available on your chosen date
Your Pick-up Point: Please check the list with all available pick-up points (and hours) from your area, on the table below

This excursion includes in its price: Your transfer r/t from your hotel, Knossos Palace, Zeus Cave, Kera Tours. The Adult Fare is applied to passengers of any age above 12 years old. The Child Fare applies to children between 4 and 12 years old (50% discount + extra's if chosen) and the Infant Fare to any child under 4 years old (Free of Charge // No seat reserved).

Just to help you see which pick-up suits you best, here's a table of hotel accommodations and their nearest pick-ups:

Knossos Palace Lasithi Excursions pick-up list

Pick up place Pick up time
Sissi 08:45
Nikos hotel - Filipidis S/M 08:35
Malia church 08:30
Malia Bay - Malia Park - Sirens 08:35
Drossia - Kernos Beach - Ikaros Village 08:30
Alexander-Ariadni 08:25
Cactus-Aktia 08:25
Mochos Cross 08:20
Stalis bus stop - Blue sea 08:20
Nana B/S - Mediterraneo 08:15
Belvedere - Eri bus stop 08:15
Silva Beach - Pela Maria 08:10
National Bank - Chalkiadakis S/M 08:10
Koutouloufari (Esperides Resort) 08:10
Piscopiano well (pigadi) 08:10
Mathioudakis - Creta Maris 08:05
Hersonissos Village 08:05
Knossos Royal - Royal Mare - Annabelle 08:00
Cretan Village - Laguna - Chrissi Amoudia 07:55
Serita - Zorbas – Anissa - Bella - Lytos 07:50
Analipsi Beach  Road 07:45
Analipsi Bus stop 07:45
Amirantes B/S 07:40
Gouves Beach  Road 07:40
Gouves Cross - Lavris 07:35
Gournes Church 07:30
Rinela - Hatzis 07:30
Knossos beach - Arina 07:20
Karteros - Amnissos 07:10
Astoria Hotel - Galaxy Hotel 07:00
Heraklion port - 18 Agglon Sq. (Koules fortress roundabout) 07:00
Natural History Museum 07:00
Talos Plaza (outside Envy Cafe) 07:00
Giofyros (Meliriton) 06:55
Amoudara 06:50
Agia Pelagia - Lygaria: Pick-ups are available from any accommodation in Agia Pelagia and Lygaria via shuttle service. A minimum of 2 adult participants is required. 06:20

LET US HELP! Please don't hesitate to contact us, in order to help you out choose the best pick-up that suits you best!

1. Customers who for any reason fail to participate in our excursions are obliged to inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refund will be given. Cancelling at least 24 hours prior to departure, 100% full refund!
2. reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour, due to adverse weather conditions or, insufficient passenger number or, force majeure.

► We do return money in case of bad weather (when the excursion is cancelled by the organizer tour operator).
► IMPORTANT: You need to be at least 10 minutes prior to your pick-up time at your pick-up point.


Archaeological Site Of Knossos, Knossos Archaeological Site, Knossos Palace, Knossos Crete

Why Knossos Palace? Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Knossos Palace, where myth and history intertwine, and echoes of an ancient civilization whisper through the ages. Explore enigmatic ruins, meticulously restored chambers, and vivid artwork that transport you back to the height of Minoan power. As you wander the sprawling complex, picture the grand Central Court, the setting for ceremonies and spectacles. Imagine the labyrinthine corridors where the legend of the fearsome Minotaur was born.

Decipher the secrets held within vibrant frescoes that depict graceful bull-leapers, priestesses engaged in rituals, and scenes of everyday Minoan life. With each step, you journey deeper into the heart of a society renowned for its artistic brilliance, advanced technology, and mysterious decline.

Knossos isn't just a collection of archaeological wonders – it's a portal to the extraordinary past of Crete, an island steeped in both myth and history. This legendary palace invites you to become an explorer, piecing together the fragments of the Minoan world. Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable Cretan journey and unravel the mysteries of Knossos? Discover more by clicking on the link:


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