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Chania city (ex Rethymnon)

Chania city (ex Rethymnon)



The excursion operates every Monday, Thursday & Saturday, with pick-ups: East of Rethymnon (starting Panormos) & West (starting Georgioupolis). Our excursion includes: Pick-up service at or near your hotel & return, Tour Escort. Available Tour Languages are: English, German.


Tour info

1 Day
Tour Type:
City Tour
Group size:
~50 pax

Accompanied service

Guides Transport Insurance

Special offer


Chania city Excursion (Ex Rethymnon)

(Disclaimer: Not all the parts shown on this video are scheduled to be visited on this excursion)

Take a stroll in the old town through narrow streets and alleys surrounded by mansions and arches, mosques and minarets towards the beautiful Venetian harbor. The town has an exceptional atmosphere and great coffee shops, dining and shopping opportunities..

Pick-up’s from:
Panormo, Skaleta, Stavromenos, Sfakaki, Pigianos Kampos, Adelianos Kampos, Platanias (Rethymnon), Missiria, Perivolia (Rethymnon), Rethymnon, Gerani, Georgioupolis. [Check the pick-up table list below to find out which is the most convenient pick-up point & time, near your hotel]

Operating Days:
Every Monday, Thursday & Saturday

English, German: All days

Tour includes:
Pick-up service at or near your hotel, Escort.

Extra Fees (not included in the price)
Extras payable on the spot: –
Extras payable on our website: –

Tour highlights:
Chania Old Town, Chania Old Venetian Port.

Northwest Crete

8 hours approximately – 170 km.

Fascinating Chania is a mixture of Turkish and Venetian architecture. Take a stroll in the old town through narrow streets and alleys surrounded by mansions and arches, mosques and minarets towards the beautiful Venetian harbor. The town has an exceptional atmosphere and great coffee shops, dining and shopping opportunities. No wonder Chania is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Crete and in the Mediterranean.

• Guided tour whilst on the bus
• Enough free time in Chania for shopping, having lunch and visiting museums (not included in the price)

Age Definition:
Adults: Over 10 years old  (Full fare)
Children: 3-10 years old  (50% discount)
Infants: 0-2 years old  (Free of charge)

Booking Guiding Lines:
Your Tour Language: Please check in the description which tour languages are available per day, and make sure your desired language is available on your chosen date
Your Pick-up Point: Please check the list with all available pick-up points (and hours) from your area, on the table below

• Masks: All passengers are required to wear masks at all times when in boats and busses or in indoor areas.

This excursion includes in its price: Your transfer r/t from your hotel, and guide. The Adult Fare is applied to passengers of any age above 10 years old. The Child Fare applies to children between 3 and 10 years old (50% discount + extra’s if chosen) and the Infant Fare to any child under 3 years old (Free of Charge // No seat reserved).

Just to help you see which pick-up suits you best, here’s a table of hotel accommodations and their nearest pick-ups:

PANORMO Captain House, Iliana, Kasteli, Kirki, Panormo Beach, Marilena Panormo school b/s (bus stop in Panormo-school bus stop) 07:40
Club Marine Plc Club Marine Plc (main road-tennis court) 07:40
Creta Marine, Creta Mare, Creta Panorama Creta  Marine National Road 07:40
Royal blue Royal Blue (in front of hotel) 07:40
Europa, Stella beach in front of hotels 07:40
SKALETA Rethymno Mare/Royal, Scaleta, Beggeti Bay Scaleta b/s 07:45
Babis, Gortyna, Creta Star/ Royal, Oassis Creta star b/s 07:45
STAVROMENOS Alkionis, Blue Dreams, Thalassi, Petrino Stavromenos b/s 07:50
Blue Dream Blue Dream (national road) 07:50
SFAKAKI Rimondi Grand Kava Hatzikonstantinoo (Liquor Shop) 07:50
Danaos, Dedalos, Rathamanthys, Krini, Golden Sand, Ekavi, Aggelia Beach, Sunrise, Rose Bay Taverna Dimitris 07:50
PIGIANOS KAMPOS Alkion, Amnissos, El Greco, White Palace (EX El Greco) Imperial, Dias Htl, Maravel, Silmar Emmerald in front of hotels 07:55
Rethymno Palace, Joan Beach, Sea Front, Maravel Land, Rethymno Residence, Adele Mare (Caramel) in front of hotels 07:55
Rithymna, Orion, Eva Bay, Adele Beach, Galeana Mare, Palladion, Golden Beach, Kathrin Beach in front of hotels 08:00
Rethymno Sunset Rithymna 08:00
PLATANES or PLATANIAS (Rethymnon) Edem Beach, Akti Hara, Galeana, Leoniki, Marinos, Axos, Rethymno Village, Nefeli in front of hotels (main road) 08:05
Creta Sun, Castello Bianco Ceramics shop 08:05
Trefon, Bella Casita, Motakis Village, Bueno S/M Pavlakis (Platanias) 08:05
Minos Mare/ Royal, Creta Residence,  La Stella, Apollo G/S B.P. Platanias 08:05
MISSIRIA May Htl, Mantenia Htl, Creta Palace in front of hotels (main road) 08:10
Camping Elisabeth, Missiria Apts. Missiria School 08:15
Odissia, Aristea S/M Pavlakis (Missiria) 08:15
PERIVOLIA Anna Apts, Dimitrios Village, Ilian Beach Dimitrios Beach 08:15
Esperia, Iperion, Pearl Beach/Aegean Pearl, Annita, Iakinthos, Plaza Spa Apts Pearl Bch (East direction pickup is Olympic Suites/Irini Bar) 08:20
Ikones, Golden Coast, Atlantis, Olympic Suites, Marylin, in front of hotels (main road) 08:20
Summer Dream La Mare 08:20
Daisy Apts, Meliti, Olympia, Zannis Manolis Place 08:20
Ammos Studios, Blues Sea, Blue Sky, Zantina, Ilios Hotel, Ostria in front of hotels (main road) 08:20
RETHYMNO CITY Minos, Ibiscos, Mel’mar Minos 08:25
Theartemis, Atrium, Pegasos-Battis, Steris, Poseidon, Porto Rethymno, Kriti, Medusa, Leonidas in front of hotels 08:25
Bio Porto Rethymno 08:30
Bella Mare, Lefkoniko Beach, Lefkoniko Sands Htl, Kleoniki Mare, Aloe Apts. Europe Center (Auto Way) 08:30
Kyma, Achillion-Civitas-Jasson, Sea Front Apts-Cosmos-Eleonora-Constantin, Astali Marine entrance 08:30
Olympic Palladium, Liberty Town Hall 08:35
Forest Park Either Marine entrance or Town Hall 08:35
Jo An Palace, Brascos, Youth Hostel, Casa Moatso, Barbara Studios, Peppi’s Studio Church Of Four Martyrs 08:35
Palantino di Corina, Casa di Delfini, Antica Dimora Suites, Faros, Fortezza, Palazzo di Corina, Venneto, Palazio Rimondi, Ideon, Casa Vitae-Narcisos Ideon 08:40
Macaris, Petradi, Archipelagos, Philoxenia in front of hotels (main road) 08:40
RETHYMNON /ATSIPOPOULO Pantheon, Atsipopoulo S/M Lidl Atsipopoulos b/s (S/M Lidl) 08:45
GERANI Kamari Garden Kamari/Gerani Bridge 08:45
(classified under Georgioupolis)
Hydramis, Ermioni, Poledas Apts. Pepper Ermioni b/s 08:50
Alexandros, Marie Bch Marie Beach b/s 08:50
Kavros Bch , Kavros Garden, Geia sou Kriti, Happy Days B.P. Romanias 08:50
Asimenia, Delfina, Elyros, Kournas Village, Mythos Plc, Orfeas Resort, Sandy Beach, Silver Beach, Vantaris plc /bch, Vardis Olive Garden, Villa Yannis, Apollo Vantaris Beach 08:50
Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park / Residence (ex.Krespen) Georgioupolis Resort 08:55
Anemos Resort Anemos Resort 08:55
Pilot, Mare Monde Pilot b/s 08:55
Anna’s House, Corrissia Princess, Eko Htl, Fereniki, Georgioupolis Beach, River House, Zorbas, Mythologia Georgioupolis  Coffee Shop Grigoris 09:05

LET US HELP! Please don’t hesitate to contact us, in order to help you out choose the best pick-up that suits you best!

1. Customers who for any reason fail to participate in our excursions are obliged to inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refund will be given. Cancelling at least 24 hours prior to departure, 100% full refund!
2. reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour, due to adverse weather conditions or, insufficient passenger number or, force majeure.

► We do return money in case of bad weather (when the excursion is cancelled by the organizer tour operator).
► IMPORTANT: You need to be at least 10 minutes prior to your pick-up time at your pick-up point.
► COVID-19: All passengers are required to wear masks at all times when in boats and busses or in indoor areas.

For further information or bookings please call at telephone No. (+30) 2810341560


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